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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~~ Choosing room colors, a few tips ~~

It can be confusing choosing how much of each color you should have in a room.  Try using the interior design color rule – 60/30/10 as your starting point. (I'm quoting the rule here.)

• Your dominant color should make up more than one-half of the room – your walls will be the dominant color.

• Your secondary color will make up 30% of the room – this means your upholstery and window treatments generally. In the bedroom, it’s more likely to be your bedding and draperies.

• Your accent color will be the remaining 10% - that’s a more intense color and you use it in accessories – throw pillows, artwork, etc. Your accent color’s job is to add some punch to the room, don’t overuse it or it lessens the impact.

~What colors are you using in your living spaces?  Post them here.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

~ Decorating with bolster (neck roll) pillows ~

~~ Bolsters or neck roll pillows can bring interest and comfort to your furniture.  ~~

The bolster fits perfectly on the side of a sofa or love seat.

Here the bolsters are used to divide the couch and provide arm support.

Used on the back of the sofa, this pillow will provide back support. It also pushes you forward a bit, which is useful when sitting in a larger sofa.
The most classic use of a bolster pillow is on a bed centered between two pillows.

Here were two examples of how the ends of the bolsters can look.  One way is the flat end and the other is a gathered end.  The more casual approach and another option would be an end with ties. 

On my bolsters, I like to add a bit more interest to the pillow by using the gathered end.  I believe this pillow looks more fun.

Which way do you prefer?

If you have a moment, take my survey above.  I would love to see how you vote. 

I am hoping to have my first giveaway soon but need more followers.  Do you know someone that loves home decor too?  Send them over.  Thank you!  ~Sewn Inspirations~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

~ Craft shows, do you attend them? ~

This is the time of the year when artisans and crafters are the busiest.  We have planned for months to set-up a booth at a craft show. 

What can you find at a show?

Craft shows have evolved beyond the fun holiday decor.  You can now find pottery, jewelry, fine art, fiber artists, handmade soaps, home decor (decorative pillows ~ hint, hint) and so many more handmade selections. 

Why buy handmade? What makes it so special?

When you purchase a handmade item, you are getting a work of art made by the hands of a talented individual.  You are supporting that person and not a corporation. 

Looking to purchase something unlike everyone else? Many items are one-of-a-kind & unique.

If you haven't been to a craft show in awhile, I suggest you check one out and meet the craftsmen that made the products. I would love to hear what items that you were surprised to see.

Craft shows, do you attend them?

For a listing of Sewn Inspirations' upcoming shows, check here:

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

~ Bright colors ~

Bright, bold colors in our homes are a wonderful way to make a statement, liven a room and bring pizzazz to your home.  Keep in mind that our eyes may not be able to handle bold colors on every wall, sometimes you may need, what I call, "eye relief".   Simply put, you may want to consider painting two walls at opposite ends a bold color and the other two walls, several shades lighter.

Here's an example:

This patterned wall with bold colors would may drive your eyes crazy if it continued, especially in a small space.  The "eye relief" wall is painted a blue-grey color.

(The photo is a bit dim.)  This is a corner, one wall is a bold brick red and the next room a warm tan.

I would love to hear what bold colors you have in your home.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

~~~Nature Inspired~~~

Looking to make a quick change in your decor?  Be inspired by nature.

Look around your home for anything that can hold water.  I used some antique milk glass bowls and a dainty tea cup.  How about that gorgeous vase you haven't used in awhile or even an ice bucket?

By using these inherited pieces they provoke a sense of purpose, bringing your eye to them. 

Step outside with garden clippers in hand and see what's in bloom.  

By adding petite flowers to my dainty tea cup, it brought a special touch to a powder room.

Hydrangeas floating in this antique milk glass bowl created a relaxed atmosphere.  By adding the doily it gave it a romantic southern feeling.

An entry table with a simple vase of tiny flowers welcomes everyone that comes to visit. 

Bringing nature indoors is a free makeover for your rooms.  Have fun, be creative and be inspired!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

~~ Save ~~

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Thanks for following me!

~~~ Artwork on your furniture ~~~

Have no more room for another picture on your walls?  Need to add more interest to your rooms?

Have you ever considered using your furniture as your canvas? 

Try adding decorative pillows with a "window" that features a particular object. 

Art in the form of a pillow.

Irish Pub Pillows can be found here

Add your child's artwork or their picture to a pillow with a plastic sleeve.

(The above pillows can be found at

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

~~~ Animal Prints, the new neutral? ~~~

Have you have ever thought of using animal prints as a neutral background?  I never did until I started taking pillows from various collections and putting them into different combinations.

I am using a tan leopard print as an example.  (Using a tan background wasn't the best choice for the photos, but you will see the idea.) 

Here the leopard print is used in the background with the accent pillows in front.

Since the tan color tones were close, mixing a traditional type of decor with the leopard print brings more interest to this setting. 

Along with using the leopard print for a backdrop, I mixed the two collections, Congo animal  print with the leopard print, to bring more drama and focus to the elephant.

Here the leopard print soothes the eye from the busy print and bright colors of this beautiful fabric.

Have you "dared" to use an animal print as a neutral?  I would love to hear what you have done.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

~~ Tile Inspiration ~~

I would like to introduce you to an artist I recently met who does beautiful painting on ceramic tiles.  I interviewed her so you can get to know her too.  Perhaps you'll pick-up some new decorating ideas or find a solution to a decorating dilema......
(To view more of her artwork, please visit her website listed below.)

1) Briefly describe what you make:

Custom acrylic paintings—each one new and unique, with optional calligraphy, on 6”x6” ceramic tiles. They are glazed multiple times, with a glossy, heat-resistant finish and backed with cushioning cork, through which has been woven a soft wall hanger. My tile paintings can be custom ordered from a diverse gallery of original copyrighted images ( that include floral close-ups, distant landscapes and seascapes, tropical scenes, lemons or other fruit, farm animals or sheds, or childhood themes, such as Mother Goose art. I will paint an entirely new picture based on the theme you choose, and will sign it, as your own one-of-a-kind designer tile. In addition, you can custom order a picture to be painted by me from your own photo, for an additional cost. I will even use your fabric swatches or wallpaper samples to make a tile trivet or wall hanging that coordinates with your decorating schemes.

You can direct me to add calligraphy to your tile, if you like. I will generally “soften” or adjust the picture I paint to allow the lettering to be dominant. A passage from Scripture or other quote you would like to display, a name, a message, a house number, a wedding date, or birth details of a new baby—are only a few examples of how a tile can be personalized for a specific use or occasion, with lettering.

2) What mediums do you enjoy working with?

I truly enjoy color, and highlighting memorable information with harmonizing images, pleases me. I also love the subtle “cottage” and “green” themes suggested by use of the humble tile as a work of art… My choice of tiles as an art medium came about originally because I had a large, partially used box of ceramic tiles that needed “re-imagining” to avoid being tossed into a landfill!

3) Do you have any advice on how to decorate with your tiles?

The options are wide open, really…imagination is the only limiting factor… Here are a few ideas:

…My daughter uses a bright trio of fruit—two lemons and a pear—hung diagonally above her kitchen sink.

…One customer orders a “birth announcement” tile whenever a grandchild is born, to hang in her family room. Quite the conversation piece, she says!

…Use as d├ęcor on a wall in any room in the house, or place on any tabletop where furniture needs protection from glasses, candles, or vases.

…In an outdoor living space, they are durable, and add color, function, and civility.

…With a family name or house number inscribed, they can adorn a doorway.

…When special ordered (without cork on the back), they could even be carefully grouted into place as a backsplash. Several of them together can be painted as a large mural.

…In a child’s room, they can illustrate a child’s name or cute, made-up word. Even a footprint can be sent in and transformed into a tile.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

~~~ Hiding your furniture ~~~

With the high cost of furniture these days, we need to be more creative on how to use what we have. 

Everyone seems to have that one side of the sofa cushions that is used for company and the other for every day use (that's the side with the stains).  What happens when your furniture stains are on the arms of the sofa or the seat of the chair?  How about that piece of furniture that is just not your style anymore or just plain old ugly (perhaps a hand-me-down)?

Here are some ideas to help "hide" your furniture:

~ Slipcovers.  A common solution. Sometimes they fit well but I have yet to find someone that absolutely loves their slipcovers.  You need to adjust and readjust the cover, that is if you sit on them, otherwise they look great.  Don't get me wrong, I too, have slipcovers thinking that was my only solution at one time.  I do like the change to a nice neutral, giving me a "clean palate" to introduce new colors by the way of decorative pillows.

~ Afghans/blankets.  Great for hiding that stain or tear on an arm of your furniture; positioned "just so".  Also, for draping over the backs or at a diagonal to bring more color and warmth to your furniture.

~ Decorative pillows.   Perfect to compliment or hide the furniture they set on.  Decorative pillows can add that "punch" of color and interest to distract the eye from the furniture.  Add oversized or just a whole lot of pillows to literally hide your furniture or the mishaps.  While hiding that piece of furniture, it will also update and bring a coziness to your room.

The above collections are available at

Friday, April 16, 2010

~~ Painting Tip ~~

When painting a room that has a chair rail, try the two-tone method. 

Take a look at the paint strip of the color you chose.  Paint the darkest color below the chair rail.  Next, using the paint strip,  go two to three shades lighter and paint this lighter shade above the chair rail.   This will give you a professional look without the guess work.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

~~ Ready to redecorate? ~~

Tip:  Once you choose your color scheme, make sure you purchase your fabric for your curtains and decorative pillows first.  It is easier to find the perfect paint color to compliment your fabric rather than the other way around.

Tip:  Purchase a little more fabric than you think you might need.  Did you know that many fabrics are considered seasonal?   Once the store sells out of their bolts, they may not reorder.  You never know if you might need those extra inches for your project or decide to add more pillows than you planned.

Tip:  Been to a fabric store lately?  You have hundreds of choices that can inspire the new look you are going for.  Why settle for what the department stores choose to sell?  Get inspired and create your own look.  Now that you chose the fabric, where do you go from here?  If you don't sew yourself, check around and see if you can find someone that owns their own sewing business.  If you choose this route, you most likely will spend less than what a design studio may charge you.

Sewn Inspirations, LLC, , also offers you quality made pillows tailored to your style with your own fabric.  Coming soon, design your own pillows with fabric from my selections.

What rooms are you redecorating?  I would love to hear from you. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

~~ Color Trends ~~

The color palette of 2010 are......

~Yellow is THE color for this year’s decorating palettes.

~Moss green is the new shade of green to make an appearance.

~Lavender is the hot color for the bedroom, representing elegance and luxury.

~Slate and charcoal grays are the new neutrals. 

~Aqua continues its staying power.

If you are unsure about changing your entire room in the colors of 2010, try using them as accent colors.  The easiest and most cost effective way to update is to add decorative pillows to your sofa, bed and chairs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

~~ 2010 Decor Trends ~~

Every year there are predicted trends in home decor and the colors of the season. 

For 2010, this is what we are looking towards:

~Simplification and reduction.
 As more people are clearing out the extras in our homes and donating them to charities, we have created a new trend. We are looking to keep the essentials by "doing the right thing".  This trend is "recession inspired."

We are now looking for well made, quality products.  We still want value but are more aware as to where the product is made.  This trend is turning more people to buy hand-made.

~Nature.  The "go green" movement is giving us more home decor items that are nature inspired.

Next up:  Color trends.

Monday, February 8, 2010

~ Snow inspired ~

Snow day.

When I heard it was going to snow 12 -26 inches the first thing that I thought of was "yes, I get to design and sew!".  Snow inspired.  We won't be able to go anywhere for 2 days, think of how much I could get done.  Oh, there will be sledding, snowball fights the whole fun of a big snow storm and oh yeah, the shoveling.  But most of all, I can't wait to get my sketch pad out and explore my options.  Will I finish my shabby chic collection or work with some cozy fleece?  How about start that new concept that I've been playing around with?  We'll see once the snow begins to fall.  I can't wait to be ~~ snow inspired.

Still snowing, calling for up to 30" or more now.

"Blizzard of the Century" according to news reports.

The calm right after the storm, the sun is setting.

Monday, February 1, 2010

~~ How to decorate with pillows ~~

Why decorate with pillows?

Decorating with pillows is one of the quickest, cost effective ways to change the look of your rooms. You can choose to make your room warm and inviting, add a "pop" of color, add "interest", etc.

To decorate with pillows first you need to determine your color scheme and style. Next, think about layering. Choose pillows in various sizes, styles and complementary or contrasting colors. Choosing a solid or subtle print, can be used as a "back drop" to a busier fabric or to highlight a particularly interesting pillow. Use oblong (12"x22" or 12"x16") pillows for back support or to line the back of a sofa, chair, bed or bench.

12" x 22" on a seat gives you that support you may need and adds a bit of interest.

12" x 16" in a rocker is perfect to support your lower back and makes the seat more inviting.

How many pillows do I need?

For a formal look, use symmetry - two pillows on each corner and one in the center. For an informal look, use more color schemes and place randomly. Using odd numbers in either case is appealing to the eye.

Seeing the progression of adding pillows one at a time shows how the furniture becomes more inviting.

Odd number of pillows, formal look.
Odd number of  pillows in a symmetrical setting.

An even number of pillows in an informal setting.

Here's a great example of  a complementing contrast, mixing traditional and modern.

~It's a personal preference, which speaks to you?  Leave your comments below. ~

More information about these pillows may be found here.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What inspires you?

Words?  Nature?  A passion?  A person?

There are so many ways to become inspired.  Sometimes you know exactly where to go to help you get inspired.  Be it a quote that touches your heart or a wonderful friend that is ever so supportive or just getting out in nature.  Other times it just happens at the moment you need it most. 

For me, it's all of the above plus color and fabric. When I step into my studio and see all the brilliant colors in the fabrics that surround me ~ I'm inspired.  Inspired to create.  Inspired to design. 

Inspiration became a passion. I became passionate about design, in particular, decorative pillow design.  Sew Inspired.  Sewn Inspirations.

Please join me as we explore inspiration and passion through fabric and color in our homes.  I will share tips on decorating, introduce you to others that share this same passion and we'll look into the color trends.  I am not an expert, just someone that loves to share ideas and loves to learn. There will be the occasional "field trips", where we'll go off topic, who knows where it will lead but this blog will be fun, uplifting and inspirational........

I would love to hear what you have to say.  Questions, comments, topics.

So, what inspires you?  ~~