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Sunday, August 22, 2010

~~~Nature Inspired~~~

Looking to make a quick change in your decor?  Be inspired by nature.

Look around your home for anything that can hold water.  I used some antique milk glass bowls and a dainty tea cup.  How about that gorgeous vase you haven't used in awhile or even an ice bucket?

By using these inherited pieces they provoke a sense of purpose, bringing your eye to them. 

Step outside with garden clippers in hand and see what's in bloom.  

By adding petite flowers to my dainty tea cup, it brought a special touch to a powder room.

Hydrangeas floating in this antique milk glass bowl created a relaxed atmosphere.  By adding the doily it gave it a romantic southern feeling.

An entry table with a simple vase of tiny flowers welcomes everyone that comes to visit. 

Bringing nature indoors is a free makeover for your rooms.  Have fun, be creative and be inspired!