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Thursday, April 29, 2010

~~~ Hiding your furniture ~~~

With the high cost of furniture these days, we need to be more creative on how to use what we have. 

Everyone seems to have that one side of the sofa cushions that is used for company and the other for every day use (that's the side with the stains).  What happens when your furniture stains are on the arms of the sofa or the seat of the chair?  How about that piece of furniture that is just not your style anymore or just plain old ugly (perhaps a hand-me-down)?

Here are some ideas to help "hide" your furniture:

~ Slipcovers.  A common solution. Sometimes they fit well but I have yet to find someone that absolutely loves their slipcovers.  You need to adjust and readjust the cover, that is if you sit on them, otherwise they look great.  Don't get me wrong, I too, have slipcovers thinking that was my only solution at one time.  I do like the change to a nice neutral, giving me a "clean palate" to introduce new colors by the way of decorative pillows.

~ Afghans/blankets.  Great for hiding that stain or tear on an arm of your furniture; positioned "just so".  Also, for draping over the backs or at a diagonal to bring more color and warmth to your furniture.

~ Decorative pillows.   Perfect to compliment or hide the furniture they set on.  Decorative pillows can add that "punch" of color and interest to distract the eye from the furniture.  Add oversized or just a whole lot of pillows to literally hide your furniture or the mishaps.  While hiding that piece of furniture, it will also update and bring a coziness to your room.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

~~ Painting Tip ~~

When painting a room that has a chair rail, try the two-tone method. 

Take a look at the paint strip of the color you chose.  Paint the darkest color below the chair rail.  Next, using the paint strip,  go two to three shades lighter and paint this lighter shade above the chair rail.   This will give you a professional look without the guess work.