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Sunday, February 21, 2010

~~ 2010 Decor Trends ~~

Every year there are predicted trends in home decor and the colors of the season. 

For 2010, this is what we are looking towards:

~Simplification and reduction.
 As more people are clearing out the extras in our homes and donating them to charities, we have created a new trend. We are looking to keep the essentials by "doing the right thing".  This trend is "recession inspired."

We are now looking for well made, quality products.  We still want value but are more aware as to where the product is made.  This trend is turning more people to buy hand-made.

~Nature.  The "go green" movement is giving us more home decor items that are nature inspired.

Next up:  Color trends.


  1. Hi! You have great tips on your blog and they are fun to read! Just a small suggestion though, I believe most of the blog readers (like me)LOVE some nice images and I think you'd get a lot more attention to your articles if you use more images! They help supporting the ideas in your posts too. Hugs :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Derya. I agree, I needed to add photos to my first posts. Was just getting started and didn't know better. :)