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Monday, February 1, 2010

~~ How to decorate with pillows ~~

Why decorate with pillows?

Decorating with pillows is one of the quickest, cost effective ways to change the look of your rooms. You can choose to make your room warm and inviting, add a "pop" of color, add "interest", etc.

To decorate with pillows first you need to determine your color scheme and style. Next, think about layering. Choose pillows in various sizes, styles and complementary or contrasting colors. Choosing a solid or subtle print, can be used as a "back drop" to a busier fabric or to highlight a particularly interesting pillow. Use oblong (12"x22" or 12"x16") pillows for back support or to line the back of a sofa, chair, bed or bench.

12" x 22" on a seat gives you that support you may need and adds a bit of interest.

12" x 16" in a rocker is perfect to support your lower back and makes the seat more inviting.

How many pillows do I need?

For a formal look, use symmetry - two pillows on each corner and one in the center. For an informal look, use more color schemes and place randomly. Using odd numbers in either case is appealing to the eye.

Seeing the progression of adding pillows one at a time shows how the furniture becomes more inviting.

Odd number of pillows, formal look.
Odd number of  pillows in a symmetrical setting.

An even number of pillows in an informal setting.

Here's a great example of  a complementing contrast, mixing traditional and modern.

~It's a personal preference, which speaks to you?  Leave your comments below. ~

More information about these pillows may be found here.


  1. great post - i love scatter cushions in our family room and in our bedrooms!

  2. Great article! Makes me want to go make all new pillow for my sofa.