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Friday, November 19, 2010

~ Decorating with bolster (neck roll) pillows ~

~~ Bolsters or neck roll pillows can bring interest and comfort to your furniture.  ~~

The bolster fits perfectly on the side of a sofa or love seat.

Here the bolsters are used to divide the couch and provide arm support.

Used on the back of the sofa, this pillow will provide back support. It also pushes you forward a bit, which is useful when sitting in a larger sofa.
The most classic use of a bolster pillow is on a bed centered between two pillows.

Here were two examples of how the ends of the bolsters can look.  One way is the flat end and the other is a gathered end.  The more casual approach and another option would be an end with ties. 

On my bolsters, I like to add a bit more interest to the pillow by using the gathered end.  I believe this pillow looks more fun.

Which way do you prefer?

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