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Thursday, November 4, 2010

~ Bright colors ~

Bright, bold colors in our homes are a wonderful way to make a statement, liven a room and bring pizzazz to your home.  Keep in mind that our eyes may not be able to handle bold colors on every wall, sometimes you may need, what I call, "eye relief".   Simply put, you may want to consider painting two walls at opposite ends a bold color and the other two walls, several shades lighter.

Here's an example:

This patterned wall with bold colors would may drive your eyes crazy if it continued, especially in a small space.  The "eye relief" wall is painted a blue-grey color.

(The photo is a bit dim.)  This is a corner, one wall is a bold brick red and the next room a warm tan.

I would love to hear what bold colors you have in your home.

Coming soon, within 2 weeks, a giveaway for my followers.... know others that are interested in home decor tips?  Tell them to stop by.  I will be adding tips more frequently, thanks for stopping in! 

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