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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~~ Choosing room colors, a few tips ~~

It can be confusing choosing how much of each color you should have in a room.  Try using the interior design color rule – 60/30/10 as your starting point. (I'm quoting the rule here.)

• Your dominant color should make up more than one-half of the room – your walls will be the dominant color.

• Your secondary color will make up 30% of the room – this means your upholstery and window treatments generally. In the bedroom, it’s more likely to be your bedding and draperies.

• Your accent color will be the remaining 10% - that’s a more intense color and you use it in accessories – throw pillows, artwork, etc. Your accent color’s job is to add some punch to the room, don’t overuse it or it lessens the impact.

~What colors are you using in your living spaces?  Post them here.

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