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Thursday, January 6, 2011

~~ Color inspiration for 2011 ~~

Did you know.....?

Every year the predicted color combinations in home decor and fashion are selected.  Usually the colors for each season stay the same for that entire year but are just muted (fall & winter) and brightened (spring & summer).

Throughout this week I will bring you a different color combination for home decor that was selected.
Gray, is all the talk right now with color combinations ranging from white, black, stone & brown-gray.

The use of a gray palette works well in a modern setting.  Try using gray as a neutral along with bolder or busier color schemes.  The reverse could work as well.  Use gray as your main color and accent with brighter "pops" of colors.
Would you choose this color scheme?
I will be adding a pillow, cushion collection in gray and white and a cream collection.  Look for it soon on my website:    

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