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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~~ Color Trend ~~

Next color trend for 2011 is a range of light turquoise to cream with a beige-orange for the "pop" of color in this sequence.

Bringing these colors to your room provides a relaxing and spacious atmosphere.
Here the grays and turquoise are brought together for a modern looking room.
Some ideas to bring this to your room would be to paint one wall beige and the others the lighter gray.  The beige wall would bring "eye relief" and brightness to your room.  Accent with the darker tones of turquoise, orange and dark gray.  Another is to paint the walls a light turquoise and accent with cream, copper and a bit more of the turquoise using pillows and other accessories.
Here are some examples that use some of the colors above:  and 
Happy Decorating!
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  1. Beautiful blog. Thank you for the color forecasting! Visiting through Quilts galore. Maryanne

  2. Thank you Maryanne! Welcome to my blog, hope to see you again soon!