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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Where do you buy decorative throw pillows & cushions?


Shabby cottage patchwork pillow
When you think of purchasing decorative throw pillows & cushions, do you go to your local big box store & choose among whatever is available?  I've been there, later to be disappointed that I settled for an uninteresting pillow, the quality was poor & my neighbor has the same pillows! (I like to be unique.)
Asian inspired floral pillow on black,
flange & tassles
Or how about a specialty store, trying to match the pillows to your décor as best you can but are forced to pay an astronomical price?  I'm all about quality but that much, really?!
Tree pillow cover in taupe
Have you ever thought about purchasing handmade throw pillows? The internet has opened up so many opportunities for truly talented people to sell what they make by hand. Here you can find the perfect accent pillow for your sofa to match your décor. Search out "handmade" to support an individual.
The next time you see craft & art shows, have your decorating ideas & color swatches ready. These shows are also a great way to actually meet the creator & purchase your décor. 
White eyelet bolster custom pillow cover
What type of store or venue do you usually purchase your decorative pillows?
More information about these pillows can be found here:

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