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Monday, December 17, 2012

Is it too late to order Chrirstmas gifts online?

Eight days until Christmas. Now the panic is starting to set in. Are you going to be able to get all of your shopping done in time? You may not want to tackle the crowds & all the hustle & bustle. Ordering online is a thought that comes to mind, but is it too late to order Christmas gifts online? Answer: not yet but you're only days away.

According to the US Postal Service for 2012 shipping, the suggested last days to get your gift on time are:
*December 20 is the last day for first class mail
*December 21  is the last day for Priority mail
*December 22 is the last day for most Express mail
When you are uncertain, I suggest contacting the company & ask when they would be able to get your items in the mail.
Gift bags available
Another suggestion would be to see where the company is located. If they are across the country or only states away, this may help you make the decision if you should take the risk or not.
Lastly, think small companies, handmade shops & boutiques. They may not be getting the mass orders like the chains. You can also find more one of a kind, unique items & something unexpected.

Happy online shopping!

At my online shop,, I am shipping in 24 hours or less. Since wrapping your gifts is a last minute thought & reusable fabric gift bags, are a hot seller, I am ready. With poly mailers & scale ready to weigh & print the postage as soon as I get the orders. (This includes everything in my shop.) I am also accepting a few more custom orders.

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