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Monday, July 18, 2011

Updating your front door

Looking at your home from the outside, do you feel like there needs to be more color?  Have you ever considered brightening the color of your front door?  Here are some tips to quickly transform your entrance way:

The door:

When choosing a new door color, choose a contrasting, bright accent color.  Do not paint the door the same color as the surrounding trim.  Try a warm color like a deep red.

What you'll need:
* one quart of primer
* one quart of oil-based paint

Apply three coats of paint for durability & best color.

The knob & knocker:

To brighten your door, polish your doorknob & knocker with a bottle of brass polish.


Try adding a planter or two to add accents to your entrance.  Your planter should be at least two feet high & its color should not match the door.  For a wonderful fragrance, every time you pass by, consider planting rosemary. 

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